Rex Tortoiseshell

With its extraordinary multicolored coat, the Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbit makes a strikingly lovely and unusual pet! You will love the Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbit not only for the gorgeous pattern he displays, but also for his plush fur and docile nature!

Rex Rabbits are meat rabbits like most utility rabbits, but because of their gorgeous, velvety fur, they are in great demand to furriers as well. The Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbit is a particularly lovely rabbit, and is easier to care for than most longhaired rabbits because its plush-like coat is so short!

Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits still require regular grooming to prevent mats from forming, which would make your friend very uncomfortable. When treated with love, Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits respond sweetly, and with their docile natures and soft coat, these lovely bunnies are sure to please.

Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits generally grow to be between six and eight pounds, with does a pound larger than bucks. They are graceful and curvaceous in appearance, and have medium strong bones.

Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits have wide, strong heads and hold their ears straight up in the air. One of the most charming things about the Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbit is the whiskers, which may be curly!

Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits have beautiful tortoiseshell coats- hence the name! The reason for the velvet texture of the coats is the length- the guard hairs and undercoats both grow to be just over half an inch long!

Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits may have small dewlaps, which are found attractive so long as they are in proportion to the body of the rabbit. In 1919, a farmer in France, Desire Callion, noticed Rex Rabbits as mutated kits in a litter of normal gray rabbits.

Though previously Rex Rabbit had been killed as runts, Callion found them interesting and began to breed them. The Rex Rabbit was first exhibited by M. Gillet, who introduced them as a new class of rabbit.

The Tortoiseshell Rex is a particularly interesting example of coloration in Rex Rabbits, though recognition of Tortoiseshell as a standard Rex color is still in debate.
Your Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbit will be disqualified from show if it displays white hairs or patches in areas, which are supposed to be colored.

Also, if the eyes are a color other than that specified by the breed standard for Tortoiseshell Rex Rabbits in your area, he will be disqualified.

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