Rex Himalayan

If you love rabbits, the Himalayan Rex Rabbit is sure to become an instant favorite with you! Its docile disposition and velvety fur are a sheer delight! Like most utility rabbits, the Himalayan Rex Rabbit is a meat rabbit! Because of its plush-like fur, the Himalayan Rex is also highly valued by furriers.

These rabbits are also prized by show people and pet owners alike because of their great personalities and lovely thick fur! Since the fur is so short, the Himalayan Rex Rabbit requires much less grooming than most longhaired rabbits, though it remains extremely important to groom your rabbit regularly to prevent uncomfortable mats from forming.

The Himalayan Rex Rabbit is a gorgeous, curvaceous rabbit with bones of medium thickness. It holds its ears proudly straight up from its broad head. The Himalayan Rex Rabbit’s fur is soft, short, and dense, averaging about three quarters of an inch in length, and the whiskers or vibrissae may be curly or wavy.

They are also shorter than other rabbits’ whiskers! Male Himalayan Rex Rabbits weigh about eight pounds and does should weigh nine pounds. Himalayan Rex Rabbits may also have dewlaps, which are permissible in show!

The only requirement is that it be in proportion to the rabbit’s body. The Rex Rabbit was developed in France by Desire Caillon, a farmer, in 1919. He was drawn to the kits in a litter of gray rabbits which had a mutation giving them shorter hair than the others, and after much selective breeding M Gillet became interested in the breed.

He was the first to exhibit them and introduced the Rex as a new class of rabbit. Today the Himalayan Rex Rabbit is one of the loveliest Rex colorations! Himalayan Rex Rabbits with white hairs or spots in areas other than specified will be disqualified from show. In addition, Himalayan Rex Rabbits will be disqualified for having eyes that are a different color than specified as breed standard.

Image source: Pinterest