Pointed Beveren

If you like the Beveren Rabbit, you will love the rarer Pointed Beveren Rabbit! These “gentle giants” are simply gorgeous and have incredibly sweet personalities! Pointed Beveren Rabbits are fur rabbits that are large and quite docile.

They are often suggested as children’s pets because they of their large size and their sweet calm personalities. Because they are a bigger breed, Pointed Beveren Rabbits do require lots of space in which to run about! Also, they have long hair, which means they require hours of careful grooming.

If you do not mind grooming, though, the Pointed Beveren with its beautiful appearance and friendly, patient personality makes a great pet for adults and kids alike! Weighing more than eight pounds, Pointed Beveren Rabbits are similiar to the “mandolin-shaped” Beveren in body type.

They have large bones and are very curvaceous rabbits with sloping hindquarters. Most common are Black Pointed Beveren Rabbits, with a topcoat of rich, bright black. The undercolour is dark blue, and the extraordinary feature of the Pointed Beveren is the hairs of the undercoat, which are occasionally white-tipped!

These white-tipped hairs are uniformly scattered throughout the undercoat over the pelt and head. The nose and ears in addition to the tail and feet should have fur that matches the pelt. The hair is long, growing to about one and a half inches in length.

The coat is very dense, and has a lovely silky smooth, soft texture. Available in blue, brown, and lilac colors also, Pointed Beveren Rabbits have variation in color in the topcoat alone. Pointed Beveren Rabbits originated from the Beveren Rabbit breed.

Beveren Rabbits, as the name would imply, were developed in the city of Beveren in the 1800’s. The Blue Beveren Rabbit was the most popular breed, but these rabbits were an instant hit. Many new varieties were developed from the original Beveren Rabbit, the Pointed Beveren Rabbit among them.

This breed remains relatively rare, and is shown in a G sized ring during show. The ARBA does not recognise Pointed at this time. It is important to remember that your Pointed Beveren Rabbit needs lots of space in which to live and exercise and also that he needs careful and regular grooming!

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