Britannia Petites, known as Polish Rabbits outside of the U.S., are one of the smallest breeds of rabbit. Unfortunately they are also they are one of the rarest rabbit breeds. Britannia Petites may not be the best choice for all children because of they can be quite spirited and jumpy.

They can make good pets for kids if the children remember to be patient and gentle with them. They should be held securely to help them feel at ease. This will calm them and prevent some of the squirming. This breed is not always initially trusting, so time must be spent developing a bond.

With time and patience, however, this breed will usually settle down. Since Britannia Petites scare easily, make sure to choose a small enough cage. If you are planning to show the Britannia Petite, you will also need to devote time to training them to sit up on command.

Britannia Petites weigh an average of two and a half pounds and are small-boned, but they have long legs. The Britannia Petite’s ears are usually two and a half inches or less. If their ears are longer than three inches, they will be disqualified in a show. The varieties of Britannia Petites are black, black otter, chestnut, ruby-eyed white and sable marten.

They have short, thin fur that is tightly packed together. In a show, senior bucks and does are six months old or older and may not weigh more than two and a half pounds. Junior bucks and does are under six months. Britannia Petites need to be trained to stand up and pose for the judge.

The best way to train them is to first get them used to being handled. Next, get them used to being touched under their chin and on their nose. Then, you can start to pose them. It is best to approach them from behind their shoulders. Speak quietly and praise them often and give them a treat of toast or Cheerios afterwards. When you get to the show, pose them there to get them used to the noise.

Always be cautious when you clean their cage because they are so jumpy and so quick they can injure you before you know it. They should be fed one-third to one-half a cup of feed. Britannia Petites are from England, possibly from regular, little rabbits. The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association first recognized them in 1978.

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