Spotted Saddle Tovero

The Tovero Spotted Saddle Horse, also known simply as the Spotted Saddle Horse or Tovero, is known for its comfortable ride, and beauty. It is a lighter breed that is used for utility, pleasure and for show.

They are highly desired as a trail mount due to their easy ride and ability to navigate any obstacle. The Tovero is, overall, a highly athletic horse. Spotted Saddle Horses have a very docile temperament, are easy and gentle to others.

They have a high desire to please their riders, and make a great family pet. In addition to their great personality, the Spotted Saddle Horse is known to be very strong and to have a great stamina, as well as a smooth gait.

They are known to ride well on a variety of terrains and are also well known for their sure footedness, making them an excellent trail horse. Though they are used mainly for pleasure the Spotted Saddle horse has also been used for utility, and does quite well in shows.

The Tovero performs in a variety of show events, they are best known for the show walk, show gait and canter. They are also favorites for field trail events. The Spotted Saddle Horse is a light horse, and is medium in size.

At maturity, they reach a height of 14 to 16 hands tall, and will weigh roughly 900 to 1100 pounds. They have a long sloping hip and shoulder and a short back. The Tovero Saddle Horse is probably best recognized by its beautiful and colorful coat.

They come in a wide variety of colors, and many have large amounts of white on their bodies. The Tovero Saddle Horse has characteristics of both the overo and tobiano color patterns, which is why it is called the Tovero.

The Spotted Horses have been beloved by their riders as prehistoric man, who painted them in their caves. The Tovero was created in America by careful breeding of gaited horses imported from abroad with American horses.

Many types of horses have been used over the years to develop the breed including the Mustang and the Tennessee Walking Horse.