Spotted Saddle Sabino

The Sabino Spotted Saddle Horse is a true beauty among horses. They are perhaps best known for the gorgeous colorful coat. The Sabino Spotted Saddle Horse, also known as the Sabino, is known for its comfortable ride, and beauty.

It is a lighter breed that is used for utility, pleasure and for show. They are highly desired as a trail mount due to their easy ride and ability to navigate any obstacle. They are incredibly agile and surefooted, making them suitable for navigating a wide variety of terrains.

The Sabino Horse is an exceptional athlete, and a great pet. Sabino Spotted Saddle Horses have a very docile temperament, are easy and gentle to others. They have a high desire to please their riders. In addition to their great personality, the Sabino Saddle Horse is known to be very strong and to have a great stamina.

They can perform in many show events. They are best known for the show walk, show gait and canter. A very versatile horse, the Sabino can do equally well as a pleasure horse and as a show horse. Because they have such wonderful personalities they are good for riders of all ages.

The Sabino Spotted Saddle Horse is a light horse, and is medium in size. At maturity, they reach a height of 14 to 16 hands tall, and will weigh between 900 and 1100 pounds. The Sabino Horse has a strikingly colorful coat no two are alike.

They can be accepted in a wide range of colors. Their markings are said to be similar to those of the Roan. Its base coat, like the Roan, is touched with white, but a white face, high stockings and lots of white spots are indicative of the Sabino Horse.

The Spotted Horse has been beloved by their riders as prehistoric man, who painted them in their caves. The more recent breeds, however, have been created in America, and have been bred with horses such as the American Mustang.

After the civil war many European gaited horses were left in the United States at the end of the war. The industrious Americans began selective breeding programs producing the beautiful Spotted Saddle Horse we know and love today.