LaManchaThe LaMancha Goat is the only American Dairy Goat. The LaMancha Goat is perhaps most famous for its very small ears. Some individuals do not even appear to have ears. The LaMancha is a popular dairy goat that is well known for being a dependable milk producer.

The milk of the LaMancha is highly desirable because of its high butterfat content. They are also popular as pets because of their good temperament and personalities. They are cooperative goats with laid back personalities. This breed also excels in the show ring.

They are in fact the largest breed group represented at most shows world wide. The LaMancha is most easily recognized by its ears. There are two types of LaMancha ears, the “elf ear” and the “gopher ear”. The elf ear is approximately two inches in length.

The gopher ear is smaller than the elf ear and cannot exceed one inch in length. It also lacks most of the cartilage seen in the elf ear. Both types of ears should turn either up or down at the tips. The gopher ear is the preferred ear type of the LaMancha.

LaMancha2LaManchas have short fine hair that is accepted in a wide range of colors. Although the LaMancha is an American breed, it is thought to have been bred from Spanish goats brought to the Americas by settlers. The exact history of the LaMancha is not well documented.

The current LaMancha stems from a resurgence in their popularity in the beginning of the 1900s where they were bred by Phoebe Wilhelm. Today’s LaMancha goat only began to be registered in the 1950s. The LaMancha is generally thought of as easy to keep. It is an adaptable goat that thrives in a variety of settings.