Australian Lowline

Australian-LowlineAustralian Lowline Cattle have many of the same personality traits as Angus Cattle, from which they were bred. Generally, they are placid and easy to handle. Because of their smaller size, Australian Lowline Cattle are good for farmers with less acreage wishing to keep more cattle.

They are also quite easy to manage when young, as female Australian Lowline Cattle do not begin to cycle until they reach full weight, eliminating the risk of mating before the cow is ideally developed or before the farmer has planned her to. When an Australian Lowline Cow has reached three years of age, he is about 60 percent of the size of a usual beef breed! Generally, Australian Lowline bulls and heifers weigh about 710 pounds and are 95 to 105 centimeters tall at the shoulder when fully grown. They do not have horns, which makes them easier to handle, and are pure black in color.

Australian Lowline Cows make good mothers, providing lots of milk, but do not begin to cycle until they are 14 to 18 months of age. Calves generally double their birth weight in their first six weeks of life. When slaughtered, Australian Lowline Cattle yield about 55 percent of their carcass in tender, marbled meat. Because the Australian Lowline Cow is such a recent development, the gene pool is extremely pure, with all existing Australian Lowline Cows registered. The Australian Lowline Cow was developed in 1974 as an experiment using Angus Cattle.

Australian-Lowline1A Lowline breed with slower growth weight and a Highline breed with faster growth rates were developed, and the Lowline proved quite popular. They were first sold at the Trangie Research Center, where they were developed, on August 8, 1992. The Australian Lowline Cattle Association was also formed on this day, and the breed was a hit.

Today, its small, prime beef cuts are sold as Lowline Boutique Beef, and the livestock have spread to such countries as Canada and the United States. Australian Lowline Cattle are all properly registered with the ALCA, and if the cow you are trying to buy does not have the proper papers, it is not truly of the Australian Lowline genetic line. Australian Lowline Cattle are not susceptible to the dwarfism gene.

Australian Lowline Cattle are selectively bred to keep the gene pool absolutely pure, and there is now a large enough population of these cattle to ensure that inbreeding does not take place. Australian Lowline heifers do not begin to cycle until 14 to 18 months of age, or 220 kg in weight. Because of the small size of Australian Lowline calves, many farmers keep them in a sheep race and do not move them into a calf cradle until they are at least five months of age.