American White Park

American-White-Park1Despite their name, American White Park Cattle are a distinctly different breed than White Park Cattle! These popular beef cattle are a favorite among many breeders! American White Park Cattle are quite docile. They are also very hardy, and have good maternal instincts. American White Park heifers will keep an attentive and concerned watch over their calves! Easy to handle and adaptable to most farm management systems, American White Park Cattle are very popular as beef producers!

A white breed, American White Park Cattle have darkly pigmented noses, ears and eyes. Generally, the pigmentation is black or red. Mature American White Park bulls grow to 1700 or 1800 pounds. Generally, the cows weigh about 1000 pounds. Although American White Park Cattle are polled, two to three percent of the population is born with horns! With very little back fat, large cuts, and a high carcass yield, American White Park cows are also good milk producers! One could hardly ask for anything more in a cow!

The history of American White Park Cattle is obscure and they are often confused with American British White Cattle. These breeds are indeed very close, but differ in weight by about 300 pounds. It is thought that American White Park Cattle are obscure descendents of British White Cattle. Others believe that the American White Park is descended from Angus Cattle, and British White blood was not mixed in until World War II when a breeding pair from the Bronx Zoo was sent to Washington to mix with the American White Park.

American-White-Park2Since this time, there have been many instances of cross breeding and today the American White Park does indeed have much British White blood. In 1975, the American White Park Association was formed, and a herd book was begun based on appearance rather than lineage. From the three to four hundred animals registered, documented lineage began. Horned animals are no longer registered as acceptable. Today American White Park Cattle are predominantly bred for their beef, though they are also useful as cross breeders due to their hardy traits.

Because American White Park Cattle are so hardy, they rarely if ever contract respiratory infections. On average American White Park Cattle cut out into 705 pounds. 93 percent of the cuts are of Yield Grade one or two. American White Park Cattle are good milk producers and caring, attentive mothers. They very rarely abandon calves. Conception rates are very high, even at first conception, and American White Park Cattle can calve up into their teen years.